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Borzoi Reference Books ...

Australian Publications

The Australian Borzoi Book 1898 -1998 – by Margaret Davis
The Queensland Borzoi Book 1970-1979 – by Margaret Davis
The Borzoi Club of Victoria Photographic Pedigree Book (1987)
The Borzois of Australia & New Zealand Photographic Pedigree Book (1985)

Borzoi Club of Qld Yearbooks: 1982 / 1983 -1987 / 1988 - 2000

International Publications

The Borzoi  - by Desiree Scott
Borzoi, Most Noble Greyhound - by Stedman Shumway Hanks
Borzois (How to Raise and Train) - by Gail McRae
Gazehounds, The Search for Truth - by Constance Miller
Borzoi – by Winifred Chadwick
How To Raise and Train A Borzoi - Gail Roberts
Hutchinson On Sighthounds - Walter Hutchinson
Life With Borzoi –by Phydelma Gillette.
Observations on Borzoi – by Joseph B. Thomas.
Riders of the Wind – by Mary Tavener
The Complete Borzoi - by Lorraine Groshans
The Borzoi – by The Borzoi Club of America
The Borzoi – by John Gordon
The Borzoi As I Know It – by Arthur Craven
The Life and Legends of the Borzoi – by Eileen Worthing
The Russian Wolfhound – by Nellie L Martin
Your Borzoi – by Alfred W Edlin
Borzoi: Forward Motion – by Audrey Mulligan

Unfortunately, many of the books listed above are out of print and you may have difficulty locating them – though they can sometimes be found on online auction sites.



New International Publication
The Borzoi in the West: The Beginning - by Andrus Kozlov and Irina Shlykova.

A new book on the history of borzoi (in Russian) "The Borzoi in the West: the beginning" by Andrus Kozlov and Irina Shlykova. Hardcover, 267 pages, format 210x260 mm
This fascinating work traces the formation of the Borzoi breeding stock outside of its native land back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Many dogs exported to North America and Europe as well as their descendants are featured in this work.  The authors describe the exported dogs' ancestors, give accounts of their breeders, site their critiques from the shows in the Imperial Russia, as well as quote the critiques of their ancestors, litter mates and descendants that had remained in Russia.  Many historical documents referenced in this book had not been previously published, including some archival materials, exhibition reports, and stud books from the Imperial Russia, North America, and Europe.  The book includes more than 300 photographs and drawings of the dogs from the bygone days; many of the images had last been published over 100 years ago.  This book is bound to become an excellent reference volume for any Borzoi enthusiast interested in the breed's history and its development in Europe and North America.

Anyone interested in buying this book please email: [email protected] 


Other Publications featuring Borzoi

Tails Carried High - by Carmel Rowley

This novel is mostly about Arab horses but the author owned the Carol Waldron bred Ch Mindean Arishnakov, and he and brother Chesnakov, are mentioned a number of times in the book. It’s a good read.