The Borzoi Club of Queensland Inc

About the Club ...

A Brief History of the Club

The foundation of the Borzoi Club of Queensland commenced in 1973 with a group of enthusiasts who formed the Windhound Association. This developed into the Borzoi and Saluki Club in 1976, to gain recognition, support and improvements for the breeds.

To obtain affiliation, the Borzoi fanciers reformed as a single breed club in 1978 and increased numbers in the show ring to average about 35 entries at the main Championship Shows. Affiliation was granted in January 1980.

The Club’s first Parade was held in the same year and the first Championship Show was judged by Mr Jack Houston, with an entry of 78 Borzoi. The Club became the Borzoi Club of Queensland Incorporated in 1988, and holds one Open and One Championship Show each year.

In 2004 the Borzoi Club of Queensland hosted the 3rd National Borzoi Show with specialist Judges Dr James Sillers (USA), Mrs Moya Joslin (NZ) and Mr Jack Houston AM (Qld).

2010 saw the 30th Anniversary of the Club's Affiliation and it's hosting of the 6th National Borzoi Show.

Borzoi Club site at CCC World of Dogs Spectalular - early 1980s

Aims of the Club

    • To promote and foster the improvement of the breed by spreading interest in the Borzoi and encouraging their exhibition.
    • To encourage good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst owners and breeders of Borzoi.

Many of our long time members are experienced breeders and exhibitors who further the Club's aims by helping new owners to understand all aspects of Borzoi management.

Club Patron

Mrs Jenny Ingram

Executive Committee

Peter Lever 
Phone: 0417 170128 - Email: [email protected]   

Bruce Green and Harry Burridge

Margaret Davis  
Phone: (07) 3372 4657 - Email: [email protected]

Harry Russell
 Phone: (07) 3379 8415


Sally Fricker  

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Jenny Ingram - Karen Lever

The Committee looks forward to hearing from all members about how we can best serve your needs and hope this Club is one you are proud to be associated with for the long term.

If you require any further information about any aspect of the Club, please contact us.

Life Members

Ms Margaret Davis 
Ms Sally Fricker


The club holds regular General Meetings where member input is encouraged. Meetings are open to all current members – so please come along and support your club. We also encourage all members to participate in club events and welcome new participants!

General Meetings are normally held Bi-Monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, commencing at 7.30pm. Venue is the Meeting Room, Duraqck Dog Showground. Upcoming meeting dates and venues will be announced on the website homepage Noticeboard. Non Members please check with club Secretary before coming to a meeting in case meeting has been deferred..

We are a small but friendly group - so please do come along, have an enjoyable time and support the breed!